Cosmetic Mole Removal “No Stitches”

Do you have a raised “bobbly” mole or skin tag that you have always wanted to be rid of, but your doctor has told you it is benign and cutting it out will leave a scar?  Well, cosmetic mole removal using the Ellman Surgitron radiosurgery device may be the answer for you. The device delivers a radiofrequency current through a wire loop which enables benign skin growths to be shaved off. The result is a small graze on the skin which heals over a period of 7 to 10 days. No sutures are required and there is no surgical incision scar.

Which Moles Can Be Treated?

  • Only benign moles or skin tags can be treated
  • It is advisable to have a skin cancer check prior to treatment
  • Flat moles or freckles cannot be treated
  • Any mole that has undergone a change (colour, shape , size etc.) cannot be treated and should be checked by your doctor

Dr Kylie Offers A Complimentary Consultation To Discuss Mole Removal

Given that not all types of moles can be removed with this particular technique, it is important to have a consultation with Dr Kylie. At the initial consultation she will assess the skin lesion and determine whether you are a candidate for the technique. If she is unable to help you she will refer you for the appropriate treatment.

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