Permanent Hair Reduction

Permanent Hair Reduction - Ellipse Flex Second Generation IPL

Light-based hair removal refers to the long-term reduction of facial and body hair using a series of light-based treatments such as Laser or Intense Pulsed Light. The Ellipse Flex IPL uses a narrow spectrum of light wavelengths which are selectively absorbed by eumelanin in the hair. This selective heating of the hair bulb and follicle to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time, causes damage to the follicle, hindering its ability to produce new hair. Ellipse professional hair removal equipment is suitable for all body areas including arms, underarms, back, chest, bikini line, brazilian as well as legs. This treatment offers painless permanent hair reduction delivering smooth skin for both male and females.

Light-based hair removal works best when the hair is in the anagen or growth phase of its life cycle. So depending on the body site and the amount of hair in the growth phase, only a certain proportion of the hair will be successfully treated with one treatment. This is the reason why multiple treatments are required for successful long term hair removal. The patented dual mode filtering technology available only in the Ellipse Flex IPL device accounts for its superiority in light-based permanent hair reduction. Backed up by clinical studies, the Ellipse Flex gives long term results with a minimal number of treatments.  If you are tired of the regular waxing , shaving and plucking of unwanted hair, then book in for our free assessment to discover if Ellipse Flex could work for you.

The Facts about Permanent Hair Reduction with Ellipse Flex ?

  • Second Generation IPL with patented dual mode filtering technology for superior results
  • 4 to 8 treatments are required for permanent hair reduction
  • Treatments are performed  4 to 6 weeks apart depending on anatomical hair site
  • Best results are obtained on dark hair and fair skin type
  • Treatment is ineffective for grey, red or light blond hair
  • Darker skin types and tanned skin cannot be treated

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Why choose Ellipse Flex IPL for your hair removal treatment?

Owing to Ellipse’s square pulse technology and dual mode filtering, hair removal by Ellipse Flex  is practically pain free in contrast to many laser treatments. Lasers such as the diode and alexandrite vaporise the hair which results in a more uncomfortable experience and creates a plume of smoke containing toxic compounds. In comparison, the Ellipse Flex Second Generation IPL filters out the wavelengths which are absorbed into water and this prevents vaporisation of the hair and the excessive heat production which causes pain.  Instead it selectively heats the hair bulb to 70 degrees C which effectively destroys the hair follicle. Without vaporization there is also no toxic plume with Ellipse hair removal. In our experience, Ellipse Flex gives excellent hair reduction results after 4 to 6 treatments. In a study of 365 patients undergoing Ellipse hair removal, Zeng et al found an average removal of 96% of hair after 3 to 7 treatments. Studies between 5 and 9 years have now also shown the hair reduction results with the Ellipse Flex System to be permanent over this long time period.

Here at Cosmetique Solutions we understand that unwanted hair can be an embarrassing problem and that is why we offer a discrete service with clinically proven technology at a designated cosmetic  medical clinic.

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