A Hydrated Skin is a Healthy Skin

The climate and our skin

After another sensational summer on the Gold Coast, the cooler temperatures and changing humidity are starting to wreak havoc on our skin. As the winter months fast approach the cooler and drier conditions tend to dry out the skin. Many people come to see me at this time of year because they notice their skin just seems to lose its lustre and appears dull and rough. A dehydrated skin actually accentuates lines and wrinkles and makes us look older.

Hydration is the answer

But not to worry – we’re here to make the transition to winter effortless. It’s all about replenishing hydration levels in the skin, and exfoliating that top dead layer of skin to return that dewy radiant glow. The smoother and more hydrated the skin the more it reflects light and the healthier it appears.

While we’re all in search of that sun kissed summer glow, excessive sun exposure can leave the skin damaged, drained and dehydrated. This effect is caused by the changing seasons as the skin is forced to adjust with its environment.

Maintaining hydration is essential and oils, serums and hydrabrasion are great ways to replenish lost moisture.

Hydrabrasion and  Medik8 skincare products!

So what is a Hydrabrasion? A hydrabrasion is a new form of microdermabrasion system that exfoliates & hydrates with both a dry and wet system. It is like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Using a water suction to clean the pores thoroughly and providing hydration, making microdermabrasion a thing of the past!

Skin care tips for transitioning after summer with Medik8!

Our Medik8 products containing Vitamin C & Hylaronic Acid can help revitalize your skin after summer! The Vitamin C will hydrate, repair and give the skin a radiant texture. Whilst the Hyloronic Acid can hold 1000x water in its weight! This gives your skin a boost of hydration.

Recommended Medik8 products :


A beautiful, ultra silky and fast absorbing dry facial oil containing powerful antioxidant Vitamin C to hydrate and repair, plus a blend of 12 essential oils to instantly give a youthful glow and radiant skin texture.


Enjoy a silky, fresh and very lightly fragranced (citrus) day cream with all the benefits of Medik8’s stable vitamin C technology to help protect the skin from free radicals while maintaining healthy collagen production. Helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


This super moisture-enhancing ingredient produces rapid and significant improvements in the general condition and feel of the skin. Exhibits excellent water-retaining properties to quench your skin and provides excellent skin hydration. Can be used day and/or night (or whenever you want a hydration boost) to soften and smooth the skin or for optimal renewal and protection of the skin.

Our special offer to you

If you would like to make that transition into winter easier on your skin then consider a Hydrabrasion treatment at Cosmetique Solutions. Our Hydrabrasion Special (available up until 31 August 2018) is $99. Your skin will be professionally buffed and cleaned and you will be pampered  with our Medik8 professional skincare. And for our clients who “LIKE US “ on Facebook or Instagram, we will also perform a complimentary Healite II treatment for collagen stimulation directly after your hydrabrasion. Call us on 5575 5644 for more information.

Dr Kylie Regli