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Medical-grade skincare

I'd like to introduce you to MEDIK8, our new skincare range at Cosmetique Solutions.  After much research into the  clinical skincare ranges currently on the market, I have finally found a product range that meets all my criteria.  So what criteria was I looking for?

  • scientifically -proven ingredients that provide real skin benefits
  • products that are non-irritating, can be used on sensitive skin, yet are still clinically active
  • safe products free of harmful chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates
  • products  targeted at specific skin conditions (eg aged skin , pigmentation, acne and redness)
  • a range produced by green-chemistry techniques
  • a range that offers value for money for my clients
  • a company dedicated to future research and development

Clinically-proven ingredients target specific skin problems

Medik8 , a professional skincare range, researched by biochemists and formulated by pharmacists, ticks all the boxes. Gone are the days, when there were only a few recognized clinically proven ingredients in skincare products. Nowadays , research and development has enabled skin care companies to manufacture products with biocompatible ingredients that target specific conditions in the skin.

The Medik8 range contains specific ingredient lines for targeted skin complaints  such as acne, redness, pigmentation and aged or dehydrated skin. Chemical manipulation of the ingredients such as chiral correction enables formulations to remain clinically active on the skin without the risk of skin irritation. Technology such as liposome encapsulation and time release delivery systems allows better penetration of the skin so that the active ingredients are actually reaching the targeted level of the skin.

Skincare regimens must be simple and effective

In my experience, many people are confused when it comes to skincare. Not only are they confused by the number of products on the market, they are also confused about their own  skin type and condition. They need answers and information in order to make the best decision for their skin. To keep the skin in optimal condition a regular skin care regimen is essential.

In my opinion, a skin care regimen needs to be simple and use ingredients specifically suited to the individual's skin. Along with a clinical assessment, the Visia Complexion analysis scan can be helpful in documenting and assessing your skin.

Complimentary skin care consultation by the doctor

We like people to be educated about their skin , so as a favour to our clients we offer a complimentary assessment and Visia analysis.

Dr Kylie Regli

Targeted clinically active skincare

Targeted clinically active skincare