Healite combats skin aging


The Healite II is the latest device at Cosmetique Solutions to combat aging skin. This method of skin rejuvenation is often referred to as LLLT (low level light therapy) or LED Phototherapy. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been around for a long time, however, the technology has improved considerably over recent years.

Using an LED on the face 20 years ago would have had the same effect as standing in front of a flashing Christmas tree - ie. it looks pretty but it's doing absolutely nothing for the skin! The break-through with LEDs came in the late 90s when NASA developed LEDs within very narrow wavelengths of light. This meant that LEDs could be used to target very specific purposes.

LED light stimulates collagen synthesis

When it comes to skin rejuvenation and antiaging, the 830 nm LED light wavelength is the answer. The wavelength of the light determines the depth it will penetrate the skin and the component of the skin it will target. 830 nm light reaches the dermal layer of the skin and is absorbed by cell membranes and mitochondria within the cells. This uptake of the light energy by skin cells is known as photobiomodulation.

Essentially the light triggers a response by the skin's cells and sets off a cascade of cellular reactions which result in release of growth factors, new collagen synthesis and improvements in the microcirculation. To explain it very simply, the light tricks the skin into a healing mode even though there is no wound. The result is skin remodelling, collagen synthesis, improved elasticity and reduction in pigmentation and redness.

Healite II is the latest LED light treatment for aging skin

The Healite II can be employed as a stand-alone treatment to improve skin texture by reducing wrinkle depth and skin roughness. Due to its propensity to heal the skin, Healite is also used as an adjunctive treatment to other cosmetic procedures. Clinical studies document ongoing improvements in the skin which peak 4 to 6 months after Healite treatment.

It's great to have a treatment that continues to benefit the skin well into the future. With no discomfort during treatment ,an extremely high safety profile and absolutely no downtime, the Healite is an ideal skin rejuvenation treatment. Healite uses the energy of light to trigger the skin into healing itself by stimulating its own natural collagen. If it weren't for the clinical studies , it almost sounds to good to be true! Maybe we have stumbled across the fountain of youth

The treatment protocol

At Cosmetique Solutions, the cost of a single Healite II treatment is $75. The Healite can also be purchased in a Package of 8 treatments for $50 per treatment. Clinical studies using Healite Phototherapy treatment to improve skin elasticity use a protocol of 2 Healite treatmetns per week for 4 weeks.