LED Phototherapy With Healite II

Just as plants convert light into energy during photosynthesis, human cells can be stimulated by light in a process called photobiomodulation. Different wavelengths of light have various effects on the skin. Thanks to NASA, LEDs (light-emmitting diodes) can be manufactured at very specific wavelengths in order to be harnessed for certain therapeutic applications. At Cosmetique Solutions we have the latest in LED phototherapy technology, the Healite II device, with dual wavelengths of 415 and 830 nanometres. The anti-bacterial effect of the 415 nm blue light treats active acne and the 830 nm near –infrared light is used to treat premature aging of the skin. Along with skin rejuvenation, the 830 nm LEDs, with their long wavelength and deep penetration of tissues, have a wide range of other clinical applications including pain relief and improved healing in numerous conditions.

How does LED Phototherapy work?

Low level light therapy using the 830 nm light triggers a photobiochemical reaction within the cells of the skin. This effect, known as photobiomodulation, results in new collagen synthesis and reduction in the enzymes that break down our natural collagen. So essentially, we are triggering the skin to heal itself without causing a wound! Not only are we preventing premature aging, we are improving the quality and structural integrity of the skin. Other than a slight warmth, the procedure is absolutely pain free.

What are the uses of LED Phototherapy?

  • Premature aging of the skin (improvement in skin texture , elasticity and fine lines)
  • Active acne
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Faster resolution of bruising
  • Shorter recovery time for surgical wounds
  • Faster healing of muscular injuries
  • Pain relief in arthritis, joint pain and muscular pain
  • Improved blood circulation

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What is the Cosmetique Solutions Skin Maintenance Programme?

The skin maintenance programme at Cosmetique Solutions incorporates three methods of collagen induction therapy:

By targeting the skin with three different methods of natural collagen stimulation, we aim to improve the texture and quality of the skin and maintain skin health over the long term.