The Clinic

In the expansion of her cosmetic practice Cosmetique Solutions, Dr Kylie Regli has adopted the symbolism of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians placed great emphasis on beautification by adorning themselves with wigs, jewellery and elaborate make-up.The carved stone bust of Queen Nefertiti is one of the most famous Ancient Egyptian relics that survives today and her beauty has also survived the millenniums. It is fascinating that Queen Nefertiti’s name actually translates to “the beautiful one is coming”. By incorporating Queen Nefertiti’s image into her own logo, Dr Regli strives to assist people in the emergence of their own beauty.

The Location

The clinic's location at Suite 9, 5 Markeri Street, Mermaid Beach is central to the Gold Coast with designated undercover parking for clients, a comfortable and private waiting areas designed for discretion.

Friendly and Relaxed atmosphere and a personalised treatment plan

Dr Regli decided to open her own cosmetic practice so that she could offer a more personal service to her clients. Most people are seeking to refresh or rejuvenate their appearance, and there are a wide variety of affordable non-surgical cosmetic procedures available to help achieve this. It is just a matter of finding the right procedure to suit your areas of concern. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, so Dr Regli likes to take plenty of time to explain the most appropriate cosmetic options for each of her clients.

Dr Regli personally performs all of the consultations and cosmetic procedures at Cosmetique Solutions to ensure that you will receive the quality care you deserve and expect.