Achieve Luscious Looking Lips



As we age, the appearance of our lips experience dramatic changes. A lifetime of pursing the muscle around the mouth when we talk, eat and drink creates lines that radiate from the lip margins. Lip shape and contour also changes and we lose the youthful volume of our lips.

The m-shaped arch of the upper lip flattens, and in some people, lips start to invert, making them appear thin and sometimes almost non-existent. The corners of the mouth also drooped downwards, leading to a sad appearance.


To treat the ageing appearance of lips,  dermal fillers are the mainstay of treatment. Dermal fillers are injectable substances used to enhance the volume of lips, give a more youthful lip definition and treat fine lines around the mouth. There are a wide variety of TGA-approved dermal fillers in Australia. Most dermal fillers are temporary products made from a substance called hyaluron, naturally occurring in our skin. These sugar-based gels come pre-packaged in syringes and most contain a small amount  of  local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

There are a variety of dermal fillers of differing consistencies to treat lips. Some people require a very subtle replenishment of lip volume or just want a little lip definition or treatment of lip lines , while others are looking for more luscious lip volume. So after a thorough consultation to discuss the look you desire , we can decide on which dermal filler product will suit you best.

Every person has different requirements and a product which may suit your friend's lips may not necessarily suit yours -  that's why its important to have a  doctor's consultation first.  I am personally not a fan of the big fake lip look so my treatments are more tailored to natural looking results, replenishing the natural volume you may have lost or subtly enhancing your lips, to look more luscious, but not 'over-the -top'.



Prior to the procedure a prescription-strength local anaesthetic gel is applied to the lips and surrounding area for 20 to 30 minutes to numb the area. The lips absorb local anaesthetic gel very well, particularly the high strength gel I have  compounded by the pharmacy. This strength is only available with doctors prescription. The numbing gel , along with the local anaesthetic contained in the dermal filler syringe helps to relieve discomfort during the procedure. There is also an option to perform a local anaesthetic block from inside the mouth if you prefer this method of numbing the lips. It's really a personal preference and your choice.

After the anaesthetic gel is wiped away, the lips and skin surrounding the mouth is cleaned with a sterilizing solution. This ensures that  bacteria from the skin surface do not enter the injection points during the procedure. After I insert a very fine gauge sterile needle onto the filler syringe, the procedure is commenced. There are a wide range of techniques employed to treat lips.

The technique varies depending on the location of  filler placement eg the lip body, lip vermillon border, lip wrinkles or a combination of all areas. Some people need more pout centrally in their lips , some need volume replenishment in one lip more than the other , some need eversion of their lip or just purely lip definition . So my technique varies slightly for every individual and your desired results you are discussed prior to deciding on technique.



The lip enhancement procedure takes less than 30 minutes and the results are instant. Some of my clients have actually popped in during their lunch hour to have their lips enhanced.


Although the results are instant, there will always be some degree of swelling immediately after the procedure. The swelling is most evident in the first 24 hours and gradually reduces over a few days. Ice applied to the lips post procedure certainly helps to limit the swelling. The degree of swelling really varies between individuals and the more product injected into the lips the greater the swelling.

Some of my patients actually like the swollen look and are happy to return to work that day while others prefer to book the procedure on a day off so they can hide their lips until the swelling has reduced. Occasionally bruising can occur on the lips but this is usually camouflaged with a deeper shade of lipstick.



Temporary dermal fillers made from hyaluron usually last 6 to 12 months. Longevity of the product does vary between people due to individual variance of filler metabolism. Properties of the filler gel such as particle size and cross-linking of the gel will also affect the length of time the gel lasts. All of these factors are taken into account at the initial consultation with me.

I've also noted that with repeated lip injections my clients often seem to get longer lasting results. Keeping the lips 'topped-up' by scheduling re-treatment before the filler has completely disappeared helps to achieve longer lasting results in many people.



I offer all my clients a free consultation prior to undergoing lip enhancement. It is very important to discuss the look you are seeking prior to treatment. Before choosing a product, the natural anatomy of your  lips needs to be assessed and we need to ascertain if the look you are seeking is possible. The underlying anatomy of your lips will determine the look you are able to achieve with fillers and thus a thorough consultation with the doctor performing your procedure is just as important as the procedure itself.

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