MediFacials (Total Relaxation & True Results)

Medical- strength facials - not just a "fluffy" facial !

Do you enjoy the experience of a relaxing facial but often wonder, ‘Is it all just fluffy? Is this treatment actually of any benefit to my skin?’ Never fear, Medi Facials are here! New to Cosmetique Solutions, a range of medical strength facials are now available to our patients. These MediFacials are results- driven and tailored to suit specific skin conditions such as problematic acne-prone skin, dehydrated, dry, aged skin , and skin that is prone to redness.

Medical grade ingredients

Medik8, a professional medical-grade skincare range, contains the latest clinically active ingredients to treat the skin and achieve scientifically-proven results. The Medik8 range, researched by bio-chemists and formulated by pharmacologists, is free of harmful substances like parabens and sulphates and achieves maximum penetration without irritation of the skin. It is rare to find a clinically-active skincare range capable of producing the desired results without the irritating the skin.

Technological advances in light-based collagen stimulation

The second component of our MediFacials at Cosmetique Solutions, is the Healite II , a low level light therapy device used therapeutically to treat the skin at a cellular level. Specific wavelengths of LED light promote skin rejuvenation by enhancing the skin’s natural cellular turn over, an effect known as photobiomodulation. The 415 nm Blue Light of the Healite II treats the infection and inflammation of active acne and congested skin, while the 830 nm wavelength targets the skin healing and repair mechanisms. This healing response involves the production and remodelling of collagen in the skin, a great anti-aging effect.

A feel-good treatment that actually achieves clinical results

Healite II achieves a therapeutic effect on the skin while being completely painless and non-invasive, making Cosmetique MediFacials the combination of total relaxation and true results.

Three options to choose from depending on your skin's needs

Choose one of our three Medifacials
1. Deep Cleanse Acne Eliminator Facial (1 hr)
2. Anti Aging Skin Booster Facial (1hr 15min)
3. Redness Relief Facial (1hr)

Introductory offer to experience the difference

All Medifacials include a facial therapy treatment using specific medical-grade Medik8 skincare products followed by a Healite II LED phototherapy session, priced at $160.

Call Cosmetique Solutions today on 5575 5644 to enquire about our  $90 Introductory Offer on Medifacial Treatments.