Intense Pulsed Light – Still Light Years Ahead

Treat blotchy skin with Intense Pulsed Light

I’ve been rejuvenating skin with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for over 16 years. It’s my favourite treatment. Devices have come and gone over the years but IPL is a true stayer . The device uses a method termed selective photothermolyis. The broad band of light wavelengths emitted by the IPL machine can be filtered in order to selectively treat pigment and blood vessels in the skin. It treats freckles, age spots , pigmentation , redness and visible capillaries all during the same treatment.

Skin radiance is an added bonus

Not only do my patients notice a dramatic improvement in clarity of their skin, they notice that their skin texture improves and appears more radiant within a few weeks of treatment. I can personally vouch for what my patients are describing. I eradicated my own pigmentation and sun damage over fifteen years ago with a couple of IPL treatments. Nowadays I have just one treatment per year to keep my skin looking vibrant. I’m personally addicted to that radiant skin rejuvenation from IPL.

Not all IPL machines are equal

There are many Intense Pulsed Light devices on the market and not all are equally effective. At Cosmetique Solutions, I use the Ellipse Flex IPL. This model is only sold to doctors, so you can be assured a doctor will be performing your IPL photorejuvenation treatment. At present our Skin Rejuvenation Package includes a full face IPL treatment and a Deluxe Microdermabrasion treatment performed two weeks apart.

Ask about our free consultation

Consultation with me is complimentary and if you decide to go ahead with treatment I am offering the Special Rejuvenation Package at $392. All you have to do is mention you’ve read my website blog when you call my cosmetic skin clinic on the Gold Coast. Cosmetique Solutions 5575 5644.