30 Minute Refresh

Cosmetic injection treatments in your lunch break

The “30 Minute Refresh” combines the use of anti-wrinkle injections for upper facial lines like the frown lines and crow’s feet with Dermal Filler products for the lower facial areas. Cheeks can be slightly lifted, jawlines can be enhanced , lines around the lip and mouth area can be improved and the lost volume or definition in the lips can be replenished.

Treatment is tailored to the individual

Of course, not every person needs all of these areas treated. At Cosmetique Solutions I tailor the treatment to the individual. The most crucial part of the concept is the consult and assessment . Planning which facial areas need attention and determining where the cosmetic injectables can be used most wisely in the individual is the most important part of the process.

Different fillers for different facial areas

The Dermal Fillers are clear gels made from sugar-based substances, naturally found in the human body. The gel particle size dictates the consistency or thickness of the filler. When slight volume and skin lift is required (eg. the cheeks), fillers with a larger gel particle size are used. In comparison, treatment of fine wrinkles around the mouth and lips require a finer filler.

Combination treatment with fillers and muscle relaxant injections

In the “30 Minute Refresh “ Package we have a choice of filler and muscle relaxant combinations to suit the individual. If you would like to learn more about which combination of products may suit your individual cosmetic needs then please call us on 5575 5644 for an appointment.

Complimentary Doctor's consultation

The consultation with me is complimentary and is aimed at educating you and allowing you to make an informed choice about cosmetic procedures. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment.